Sunday, July 02, 2006

Google Videos

Here is a link to the top 100 most popular google videos. These are packed with old classics and new greats of all sorts.

Sunday, June 25, 2006

Newest Games

The newest game I have started playing is called Final Earth. It is a great game and simple. It is made by the creator of Torn City. Currently it is still in the beta stage but and is getting better weekly. Basically there are two teams trying to take over the world. You train your leader of you army in 4 different skills. The more you train the better unit you get and higher promoted you become and the more money you get. You can spend as much or as little time on it but the mosre time you put into the more you get out of it.

Another great game I have recently gotten into is bejeweled 2. It is a puzzle game but very addicting. They have added explosions and powered up which make any game better. It is much more than you average cell phone bejeweled

Thursday, March 02, 2006

Other Fun and Exciting Things (Misc.)

Maddox- Possiblely the most widely read webpage by young adults. It is basically a blog with one persons pet peeves, and very bias views. Hes so popular hes coming out with his own book. His site is constantly updated and is always a good read.

Friday, February 24, 2006

Crazy Pictures and Videos

These sites contain some of the most funny, crazy, amazing, and entertaining stuff caught on camera.

eBaum's World- by far the most popular site of craziness. Full of jokes, videos, and other random stuff

Entensity- Full of funny and amazing videos (warning some maybe explicit). Be sure to check out the post archives at the bottom of the page. - similar to Entensity but it has a "Girl of the Day".

YouTube- Tons of funn,y crazy, and original videos updated daily. Will keep you laughing for days.

College Humor- A website made especially for college students. Contains many popular videos and anything that will make a college student laugh or be entertained.

Free Online Games

Here are a few online games with a brief description of each one. Go to their sites for a more indepth description. (I have personally played all of these online games at one point or another and recommend them. )

Torn City- A great game if you sre online alot. Build a character in Torn city. Pick a job chose, what crimes to do, and when you have become a high enough level and ahve built up your stats you can join or make your own factions. These factions war each other and can do organized crimes. ultipl

Kal Online- This is one of the few free Massive Multiplayer Onine Role Playing Games availablie. It is similiar to World or War Craft or Ever Quest.

Gunz- This is another free game you can download. It is a shooting game where you buy different guns and armor and gain experience while playing. Great game for the price.

Rune Scape- Another free MMORPG except this one does have the graphics of Kal Online. However you have alot more options to customize your character.

Alien Adoption Agency- Similar to Torn City. Play along with thousands of other plays as you build up your alien. Fight other people and try not to be knocked out.

Merchant Empires- A game I have recently started playing. The heart of this online game is trading different resources and earning money to build bases and upgrade ships. Once you think you are strong enough you van fight other people to gain experience. It is fairly complex so I would recommmend joining an alliance and having them help you.

Adventure Quest- A great single player game where you go adventuring and fight many different monsters to build up your character. Tons of different armor and weapons available. If you want access to everyingthing you can pay a one time fee of 5 dollars.

Addicting This site has hundreds of free games to play and they are constantly adding more every month. All are free to play.

Utopia and Earth 2050- Two great games presented by swirve. Both are a little different. Utopia is a team game where you are part of a kingdom and each person build up their providence and attack other kingdoms for land and honor. Earth is similar but each person is on there own in war to get land and money.

Top RPG A site that has a ton of online RPG games listed by the number of votes each one recieved. If you would like you can look through them and see if you can find one you like.